Golf Club Custom Fitting

Improve your game with Custom Fitting

Making sure you have the correct equipment is a vital part of you playing your best golf. My role as your PGA Professional is to look at your game and take into consideration several factors enabling me to recommend the correct equipment for you.

As one of Shropshire's leading golf club custom fitting centres for Titleist, Ping, Cleveland and Scotty Cameron, I recommend that you have some form of custom fitting before you purchase any golf clubs.

Ping Golf Club Fitting

Ping Club fitting

I believe there are several benefits to being custom fitted for golf clubs. Together with Ping and The Steve Russell Golf Experience, the fitting tools and methods that comprise the Ping Fitting system ensure that you the player, will be armed with the knowledge to choose the optimum full set of golf clubs.
By incorporating the correct club models and personalised set specifications that I recommend, you as the player can expect to:

" Hit all shots more accurately.
" Shave strokes with better short game execution.
" Have noticeably better distance control.
" Consistently drive the ball longer.

In short, playing with properly fitted equipment throughout your entire set of clubs will help you play better golf.

PING Color Code System

Since golfers come in all shapes and sizes,

Karsten began work on his famous PING Color Code System to bring the benefits of custom fitting to the average golfer. Today, PING is the undisputed fitting leader, with thousands of fitting systems at golf shops and courses around the world, a fleet of fitting vehicles that travel to demo days around the country, and a comprehensive, PGA-certified training program designed to instruct golf professionals to properly fit PING equipment to every golfer's swing.

Click to view Colour Chart
The new PING Color Code Chart features two new color codes — yellow (1.5° upright) and purple (1.5° flat) — to bring the total number of available lie angles to 12. Each of the 12 color codes is separated by .75° to provide golfers a more precise fit for improved accuracy and consistency.

 Ping Colour Chart

Ping Custom Fitting at Bridgnorth Golf Club
As an authorized Ping Fitting centre I am able to offer at The Steve Russell Golf Experience professional fittings on all Ping club products. As part of my commitment to club fitting I have the Ping Fitting system of interchangeable heads and shafts. The system gives us access to a whole host of Ping driver, and iron heads plus a variety of shaft options.

Using the Ping Fitting System I am able to find the right combination to provide you with more centre face impact with your driver, allowing you to optimize your driving performance. I am able to provide proper ball-turf impact with your irons making your iron play more precise

Club fitting sessions with myself at the Steve Russell Golf experience, Bridgnorth Golf Club are available via appointment only.

 Ping Custom Fitting at Bridgnorth